full name breckridge gideon grimmgario also known as breck / grimmy birthday & age october 25th 1985 + 30 hometown chapel hill, north carolina current residence yorba linda, california occupation baseball (angels; 3rd baseman) relationship status single
• Breck spent the first four years of his life in the United Kingdom, crammed in a very small single family home with his parents. He had a tendancy to remain out of trouble, but occasionally he still found himself doing things that his parents weren't particularly pleased with - such as climbing things in department stores. The move to Chapel Hill came after his father accepted a job offer with Investors Title Company, his mother wasn't overly keen on the idea of a move but natrually followed her husband willingly.

• Adjusting to American life at a young age was easy for Breck, he quickly fell in love with the culture and primarily baseball. His father took him to a Durham Bulls game and it was love at first sight, the two began to frequent the games as well as watching the Tar Heels play at UNC-Chapel Hill. Once he was age appropriate, Breck was placed into t-ball and progressed through the levels as he got older until he reached high school.

• As an only child, Breck had always been very close to David and Emma. He grew up idolizing and adoring his father, always appreciative of their father/son moments and adventures. But he also learned to be sensitive and caring through his mother, he learned quite a bit from the woman all the while she had been harboring a secret from him. Both parents had. His mother was sick, diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had hidden it from him passing it off as just not feeling good and wearing a wig. His world shattered the day they told him, he was fifteen. He began spending more time with his mother when he could. Watching television shows with her, playing card games when she was feeling up to it, anything that would bring him closer to her. A few days shy of his seventeenth birthday Breck's mother passed away and it destroyed him all over again.

• A few months after the passing of his mother, Breck's father had become worried about his son's mental state - especially after catching him coming home late at night reeking of liquor on more than one occasion. David tried to tread on the subject lightly and even threatened to stick him in rehab when being nice about it didn't work, but instead he tried an alternate route. Teamed with therapy a few times a week, Breck was presented with a ten week old American Pit Bull Terrier named Bronx. The tactic didn't quite work at first, but eventually he and the dog formed an incredible bond and it seemed to set Breck back on track. He even tried to avoid alcohol so he wouldn't start using it as a coping method again.

• Having most of his act together by the time he graduated high school in 2004, he went on to attend college at the University of North Carolina, a school he'd became so fond of as a young boy. Being local, it was easy for him to go home everyday to see his dad and his dog despite the requirement that freshmen lived in the dorms their first year. As not to overload himself, he kept his extracirricular activities to a minimum and just stuck to playing baseball for the Tar Heels. His sophomore year he joined the Carolina Boxing Club, and while it was fun he ended up leaving midway through his senior year to give him more time to focus on everything else that he had going on. Because of his mother, Breck initially started out as a Nursing major, but ultimately ended up switching to Radiologic Science. However, his real dream was to continue playing baseball past the collegiate level - but it was nice to have a back up if needed.

• A week shy of graduating from UNC in 2008, Bronx had to be put down due to illness, the loss was just as devastating to Breck as the loss of his mother had been. He had him cremated and wears a small paw print keepsake with some of the ashes in it around his neck at all times - the only times it comes off is if he's in the shower, pool, or at the beach. The remaining ashes are in a box with a picture of Bronx, the box is nestled in a little corner of his desk. Shortly after his graduation, he had the Major League Baseball draft and knew that both his mom and dog had to be looking down on him that day on as he was picked fifth the by the San Francisco Giants. Before making the move to Fresno to report to the Giants affiliate team, his dad gave him an English Bulldog puppy who Breck affectionately named Riff Raff, after his all time favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show character. He played for the Fresno Grizzlies until he was called up on September 3, 2008 where he secured his first win with the Giants.

• After completing his fifth season with the Giants, and after the second World Series win, Breck nearly threw his career away after one act of sheer stupidity. Friends from Chapel Hill had flown out to celebrate his win and all sense of good judgement went out the window. While in another friend's pickup truck, Breck and a few others were in the bed messing around and standing up when they shouldn't have. In the midst of their hooting and hollering, the driver lost control of the vehicle, sending the passengers in the back flying out of the bed. He and one of the others were the ones with the worst injuries, Breck suffered bruised ribs, a bruised kidney, and his left leg suffered an ACL tear, dislocated knee, and the ankle was just about shattered. The leg injuries were enough to be career ending, but he refused to let that happen. He'd fought through enough pain in life that he figured a little more wouldn't kill him. The road to recovery was a long and very painful road, one that he very nearly gave up on a few times to throw in the white towel. Friends and family wouldn't let him give in and encouraged him to fight through it. He missed all but two months of his sixth season with the Giants, but the support he got from fans, and the welcome he received the first time he stepped up to the plate reminded him why he wasn't a quitter. Slowly he regained his place in the line up, proving that he wasn't damaged goods an could still play.

• During spring training of his seventh season, Breck began having hamstring issues though nothing was ever too serious. He worked his way through it with trainers and different types of therapy. Three games into the regular season and he suffered a grade two hamstring strain, causing him to miss three weeks of play. He didn't want to become known as the player who was constantly injured, but he already knew that if he kept being plagued he'd become trade material. Making yet another comeback, he continued to show that he belonged with the Giants and that he was still a good player despite his recent battles. Going on to win a third World Series had him being much smarter about his celebrations when friends came to town. Unfortunately, Breck wound up on the trade chopping block after all, but thankfully stayed within California. He's set to be the third baseman for the Angels, and while it hurts him to leave the Giants, part of him is excited for the new chapter of his life.

• He bought his new house in late January 2015 and still has plenty of boxes to sort through and unpack. He's excited to report for spring training in Arizona, though a little bit nervous as well. He hopes to hit it off with his new teammates and get settled into living in a new part of the state as well as making new friends in the process.

- Prefers to answer to Breck, never Breckridge, it's too much of a mouthful and he's considered having it legally changed to Breck. The only thing stopping him is the fact that his mother chose the name and he doesn't want to disrespect her.

- Around the MLB world he's more affectionately known as Grimmy, or just Grimm. Teammates and fans alike have taken to using it when addressing him and he doesn't mind. It even spurred a "Grimm-Reaper" gimmick among fans.

- Favorite music genres: dubstep, industrial, hip-hop, punk, alternative rock, and some rap. Though nowadays he'll listen to just about anything with a steady beat.

- Drives a Hummer that he lovingly calls Columbia, after the RHPS character. However, he's considering trading it in he just doesn't know for what yet.

- Still supports the Fresno Grizzlies, as well as the Durham Bulls since he grew up going to their games. He still roots for the Tampa Bay Rays as well, and of course the Giants. He enjoys seeing them do well, but naturally prefers that the Angels do better of course.

- Had a pet iguana that he named Ickis while in high school, and is thinking about getting another one. Though it greatly depends on how Riff Raff would take to it.

- Is deeply obsessed with RHPS, Mrs. Doubtfire (or anything Robin Williams for that matter), Ice Age, and Medieval Times.

- Was terrified of roller coasters until a friend forced him on one when he was 20, he's come to love and appreciate them. Though there are still a few that he refuses to get on.

- Had remained sober up until a small slip up in college, and then again up until 2013 when he decided that people just overreacted when he binge drank following the death of his mother. He doesn't drink heavily, and probably never will, but he will have one or two in celebration or when in a social setting with friends.

- Is a big kid at heart, and almost refuses to grow up. He has a serious side, and can be very adult about things but he'd much rather be a forever Toys R' Us kid. He's a nice guy who will do anything for anyone and tries to give back to the community as much as he can. He's a supporter of animal and children charities, occasionally volunteers at soup kitchens during the off-season, and wants to someday adopt another pit bull and turn him or her into a therapy dog.

- Recently had to put Riff Raff down due to a brain tumor, it was sudden and it's something he still hasn't fully come to terms with.

babygroot - (nelida) ex-girlfriend from college that he's still on good terms with

maplebar - (anders) relatively new neighbor that he's bonded with

nickynichols - (denise) ex-girlfriend from college that he's still on pretty good terms with